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Join me for a full day working alongside me at my salon, getting an in depth sight of how I run my working day with my 2 start to finish clients.

This will be a look and learn day which will include:-

  • Consultation

  • Bespoke Placement 

  • Zone Toning / Glossing

  • Knowledge on how to choose the correct formulation to suit that individual client

  • Colour Theory

  • Basin Balayage /Wet Balayage - when and how to use

  • Styling 

  • Picturing that client

  • Social Media Tips 

We can run the day to suit which areas and techniques would benefit you. 

£300 PP - 20% discount on 2 or more stylists.


Full Day Workshop - tailored to suit the individual 

Pick the 2 colour techniques you would like to learn and any other techniques I can talk you through. I will then find 2 models to suit this technique.....
How the day will run:-


We will work together on our live model from start to finish, discussing how to formulate for your Root Melt & Gloss & how to adjust these techniques to suits different clients.
Answering any of your questions along the way! 
We will then Style the Hair using the curl technique you wish to learn & I will show you how I style out that hair & get that Insta Shot! 

We can also throughout the day get colour theory based with how to pick the correct formula for your clients.


Working together on our second model we will use the second colour technique you wish to learn, again start to finish. Answering any questions you would like along the way , which can we anything from hair, to social media to business! 

>Full day £500PP an extra £300PP for group sessions) 

>Half day £350 (an extra £180PP for group session) 

Half day Workshop

We can colour a real life model from start to finish together answering any questions you have throughout.
This technique will be picked by you , so I can demo what you want to see. We can also tackle some of these sections together so you can get a little hands on too! 
We can talk not only about the technique i will be using for that particular model but how to adapt this to suit each client individually.
Once the colour is done we can talk and I can demo styling & finishing how achieve those beachy curls. 
Lastly we will go through how to achieve that insta shot. And take pictures of the finished results! 

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